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Liberty Global

Design, build and manage the eCommerce platform using AEM


Liberty Global is the largest international TV and broadband telecommunications company serving 29 million customers worldwide. Their market-leading broadband internet, voice and video services and innovative product bundles empower millions of people to discover and experience the endless possibilities of the digital world. Dept has the honor to design, build and manage the ongoing enhancements to their ecommerce platforms using Adobe Experience Manager and custom-built solutions.

Delivering rich personalized content and an intuitive order process

Liberty Global’s ecommerce platform is used for handling and processing online orders across multiple product catalogues across multiple websites using AEM. The core objective is delivering rich personalized content and an intuitive order process. From an user perspective, processing an order is simple but behind the scenes, the engineers have developed a complex set of rules to ensure Unique Product Codes are kept accurate. Together with Liberty Global, we decided Adobe Experience Manager suits them best in their wishes regarding rich content delivery and personalization.


Enabling Liberty Global to stay ahead of competition by offering personalized content


Helping Liberty Global with their first steps in digital by successfully implementing a complex commerce engine gave Liberty’s sales a big boost. And it enabled them to offer their clients personalized offers, which made them stay ahead of competition.

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