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Arizona State University

Helping students plan their futures


Dept partnered with Arizona State University (ASU) to build me3®, an interactive quiz and planning tool. Using a SaaS model, me3 helps students explore careers and plan career paths.

By using this technology, schools across the globe can introduce students to careers that align with their interests. By better equipping students, job satisfaction and stability increase while uncertainty and major-switching decrease. The end goal is to help students realize more value from their higher education and degree programs.

A tool to help students make educated decisions about their future

Choosing a career is difficult. Young adults need to consider things like personal interests, talents, salary potential, degrees or certifications, and job outlook. Beyond those roadblocks, it’s difficult to grasp the variety of jobs and what makes one more suitable than another.

Career quizzes have been around for a while, but Arizona State University wanted to create a science and research-backed software tool that truly helps students make educated decisions about their future.

me3® leverages a Euclidean distance matching algorithm and matches users to careers using a RIASEC score. RIASEC scores calculate a user’s level of interest in data, things, people, and ideas. From there, me3® compares scores to thousands of careers based on data provided O*NET.

Better still, users can select jobs, explore career paths, find salary and growth data, and connect to university resources to help overcome enrollment barriers.


A revenue-generating tool for ASU

me3 has been used by 703 Arizona schools and 5517 schools nationwide. Stakeholder feedback for me3 has been overwhelmingly positive.

But most importantly, the feedback from learners who use me3 to help determine a career path has been heartwarming, to say the least. Creating technical solutions that add value to untold numbers of individuals’ lives is truly inspirational.

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