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Guinness World Records™

A revolutionized way of tackling record and content management

Applicants per week

Everyone knows Guinness World Records™, the universally recognized authority on record-breaking achievement. For over 60 years, people across the globe have been enthralled by an ever-increasing number of record challenges and achievements. Maybe you’ve tried to break an ever-existing record before?

Transformation and centralization

To give you an impression, the organization currently has over 40,000 records in their database and continues to receive 1,000 new applications every week from 174 countries, with over 6,000 records being approved annually. As such, the business was keen to improve efficiencies and centralize its record management operations, which was the reason Dept entered the game.

The business objective was clear. Transforming the processes for creating and managing records, by using a centralized tool to speed up customer response times, drive predictable results and improve the accuracy and re-use of information. This is why we recommended a centralized content management hub that would go beyond simply managing records. A system that would meet Guinness World Records’ record management objectives and also enable accessibility of all the stored information to be used across its digital touchpoints is what we proposed.

A centralized content management hub and accessibility of all stored information


The implementation of SDL Tridion Sites had multiple benefits. It improved workflow processes by providing a centralized view of records, including the workflow stage and engagement history.

By moving to a digital solution, the organization reduced its paper mountain, while ensuring consistency in both process and communication. The technical solution’s ability to repurpose content has increased digital marketing opportunities and enabled the easy creation of microsites. All the content stored within the system acts as a blueprint for the printed book and can be sent directly to the publisher. The content management system and website redesign have enabled localized content for the organization’s global users.

To recap, the project has seen the organization undergo a digital transformation. Dept has helped Guinness World Records to improve its offline processes and revolutionized the way it tackles record and content management.

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