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Doctors Without Borders

An engaging new website

Increase of donations
Conversion growth

Doctors without Borders (DwB) is one of the most well-known non-profit brands in the world. When we were asked to create a new website for DwB, that would create an emotional bond with visitors and donors, we decided to focus on the organization’s unsung heroes: the people who work out in the field, often under dangerous circumstances. The amount of visitors willing to donate to the charity has doubled since the launch of the new website.

An emotional bond with visitors and donors

Doctors without Borders helps people worldwide where the need is the greatest, delivering emergency medical aid to people affected by conflict, epidemics, disasters, or exclusion from health care. A cause you would say you can easily connect to, but a little help from Dept we made that better.


This is a site that beautifully illustrates an honorable story

For the new website, we used large, full-screen images and big, bold headlines to have impact, rather than solely informing visitors. Personal blogs that feature videos and images inform visitors about the daily lives of caregivers and the struggles they face. The color red is used in all donation buttons, making the CTA highly visible. The result isn’t a tearjerker of a website but rather a site that beautifully illustrates an honorable story. The chosen strategy proved to be successful: large, full-screen images had a higher persuasion rate and resulted in more donors. By focusing on the story of the doctors, the website also meets one of DwB’s main objectives: to inform society at large about the situation in the world and to recruit donors that generate income. These two things go hand in hand: high visual impact leads to conversion, but in order to create that impact you need a convincing story.


These people know everything about this project