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Enhancing the digital look of one of the world’s leading shoe brand

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Birkenstock ranks among the global top 5 shoe brands and is one of the leading brands worldwide. Dept gave the brand a new digital look and feel to present it as a lifestyle brand. Our team worked directly and in close partnership with the client to develop and assess ideas, enabling agile implementation and optimum results with a new Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform.

Restructuring Birkenstock’s online environment that matches their identity

Say Birkenstock and you most probably think of their well-known line of sandals. Quite understandable. However, as one of the world’s top five footwear brands, it also produces many other products. For example, the product portfolio has been expanded to include a new Birkenstock natural cosmetics line, and in the near future, their planned magazine will be a source of even more inspiration for lifestyle enthusiasts.


To present Birkenstock as a lifestyle brand, the online store was in need of a new look-and-feel. In close and direct partnership with Birkenstock, Dept created a new design that communicates Birkenstock’s core values and product lines, and that brings the quality of their products to center stage. Therefore, the new website has clear menus and product overviews that make it quick and easy for anyone to find the product that’s perfect just for them.

Dept was also asked to assist in the business and project consulting as well as solution integration. The company uses multiple sales channels, especially online and branch sales, to bring trendy shoes to consumers all around the world. Birkenstock’s aim – to boost online sales and strengthen the brand globally – made them change their platform to the e-commerce solution Salesforce Commerce Cloud and prepare for the future of e-commerce.

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