Agency Details

This website is owned and operated by:

Dept Holding B.V.
Generaal Vetterstraat 66
NL-1059BW Amsterdam
The Netherlands

VAT number: NL855247502B01
Chamber of Commerce number: 63464101

Dimi Albers – CEO
Missy Foristall – COO 
Celestine Fransen – CFO
Frank Schmid – CDO
Amanda Schmidt – CPO

In the United States, Dept operates through the following companies:
Dept Design & Technology LLC
Registration number: L10000049454
Officers & Directors:
Brian Robinson

Dept US Holding Inc.
Registration number: 7283284
Officers & Directors:
Frank Schmid

Rocket Insights Inc.
Registration number: 6202578
Officers & Directors:
Frank Schmid
Jesse Streb
Ashley Streb
Josh Porter
Dave Witting

ThinkBasic Inc
Registration number: C3346271
Officers & Directors:
Matt Faulk 
Ashley Reichel 
Frank Schmid 

Devetry, Inc LLC
Registration number: 5299171
Officers & Directors:
Brett Truka 
Allan Wintersieck 
Daniel Bressan 

Byte New York, Inc.
Registration number: 6398685
Officers & Directors:
Frank Schmid 

Obviously, Dept is more than just the above mentioned factual information. For example, did you know we have offices all around the world? On our contact page you’ll always find a Dept office close to you. But if you really want to get to know us, see what we have to offer on our service pages or check out our Insights to verify how smart we actually are. Because we have quite a lot to offer, trust us on this one.

However, if you still have questions or brilliant ideas that need sharing, feel free to contact our marketing team at [email protected]

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