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Pragmatic guide to the metaverse – technology & components


The metaverse is an elusive and confusing idea, combining web3, 3D technology, headsets, and different shades of reality. 

However, if you break down the metaverse into categories and components, it’s suddenly not so difficult to understand. 

In this pragmatic guide to the metaverse, we’ll work through everything you need to know about this up-and-coming virtual space, including the technical requirements and how your audience will access it.


Non-fungible what?  Everyone’s heard of them. Some people are paying MILLIONS of dollars for them. But what, exactly, are NFT’s?  Our digital playbook doubles as an introduction to the world of non-fungible tokens and as a guide for creating your brand’s own NFT’s. Download the playbook now to learn what the hype is all about, understand the real-world applications of NFT’s, and be able to (finally) explain “blockchain” to your friends.

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