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Brand, Campaigns & Content October 05, 2016

Skopje Tech Meetup 6

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In many ways, SkopjeTechMeetup 6 set the bar higher – longevity, visitors, speakers, topics, discussions, sound… Get the scoop in this highlight summary.

SkopjeTechMeetup is an initiative by Dept for supporting and strengthening the Macedonian IT community. The meetups have the goal of establishing a networking platform for the IT crowd where they can share their know-how, best practices, as well as mutual inspiration.

The 6th STM instalment took  place at Piazza Liberta, Skopje on Thursday, the 29th of September. This meetup hosted 3 seasoned speakers, each accomplished in their own way.

The crowd for STM 6 was likely at the venue’s capacity, with nearly 80 people in attendance. After the usual welcome drinks and buffet, the meetup was kicked off by veteran speaker and LinkPlus CEO Ermal Sadiku, who concisely presented how technology is (and has been) affecting our society, giving us some serious food for thought about the things we take for granted in everyday life. In a world where society is moved by science and technology more than anything, scientists and engineers received the power to change the world for better or worse, hence should be held more accountable about their actions and society should regulate this rapid progress in order to keep it in the best interest of humanity. Our lively STM crowd had many questions for Mr. Sadiku, unfortunately we had to halt them after a point for the general discussion part at the end of the meetup.



In hindsight, the first presentation was a well suited opener for what followed. The attendees had the pleasure of hearing founder / director Igor Trajkovski speak about his long-time passion and experience with Deep Learning, which in recent years has become a dominant Machine Learning tool for a wide variety of domains. In his talk Trajkovski presented one of its biggest successes, Computer Vision, where the performance in problems such as object recognition has been dramatically improved. Due to the complexity of the topic and the speaker’s direct involvement in Deep Learning, the presentation went on quite a bit longer than originally scheduled. This was compensated by the interesting findings presented and the crowd kept following him with mostly no signs of fatigue.

Last (and certainly not least) after a short break Dept’s very own Senior Java Software Engineer Lazo Apostolovski introduced the crowd to Monolithic vs Microservices Architecture patterns. Microservices are getting a lot of attention lately, even though they’re at the beginning of the adoption lifecycle. They have significant benefits when it comes to enabling agile development and delivering complex enterprise applications. Despite going last, Lazo managed to keep the crowd energy high and held quite an interactive presentation, with crowd participants on numerous occasions. By the end, Lazo stressed that adopting the Microservices pattern can be a tricky and dangerous process, so making bad decisions early can lead to serious complications, expenses and perhaps even project failure.

So, three presentations later, the drinks and discussion ensued. It was safe to say STM 6 had met and exceeded expectations. Everyone from the attendees, the speakers to the organisers had a good time, overall one of the best SkopjeTechMeetup instalments of all time.


Does SkopjeTechMeetup sound like an event you’d want to go to? Or perhaps you know somebody who’d love to attend the next one?

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