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News March 10, 2019

Dept commits to global ambition by internationalising its Board of Directors


Continuing its focus on international growth, Dept has on-boarded Daniel Rupp as its new CFO and Zheng Zheng as a non-executive board member. Dept is one of the fastest growing international digital agencies in the world. It operates out of ten European countries as well as the US and has a turnover of more than 125 million Euros. They work with global brands such as KLM, Samsung, Birkenstock, Philips and Bose.

Since the beginning of the year, Dept’s board of directors has welcomed Daniel Rupp as the new CFO of Dept. A collaboration that both parties are excited about. Rupp: “Dept is a unique type of agency, one that lives by its forward-thinking nature and capability to develop and push the boundaries of the digital world. I am thrilled to contribute to their global ambitions.”

Rupp, who is originally from Germany, has travelled from London to Latin-America gaining lengthy experience within financial management across various regions of the world. He also has previous expertise working as a Financial Director at multiple large brands, such as Under Armour and Adidas. His focus was on both regional and global responsibility which perfectly matches Dept’s global aspirations of becoming the world’s leading integrated digital agency. “My goal is to build a strong finance team that understands and facilitates our business and adds value by combining analytical insight with strategic advice during this period of rapid growth.”

Zheng was born in China but spent most of her childhood in Sweden. She has acquired over ten years of experience working in the investment, consulting and finance field for companies like Goldman Sachs. Moreover, she is a founder of Asia Investment Partner (AIP), an independent absolute investment firm with a strong presence in both Europe and Asia. Furthermore, she is an expert when it comes to the Asian market which Dept is excited to explore. Zheng has recently joined Dept as a non-executive board member and will act as an advisor to help the agency’s development into the Asian market: “I am looking forward to adding value to clients with a presence in Asia as well as clients new to Asia, leveraging our network and knowledge in the region.”

Dimi Albers, CEO of Dept, expressed the Board of Directors’ enthusiasm with the addition of Rupp and Zheng: “We are thrilled to have welcomed two extremely talented, fun people with proven track records and diverse backgrounds who will support and aid us with our global expansion strategy.”

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