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When you think of online marketplaces, you think of Amazon. The e-commerce giant is here to stay, transcending borders more and more. That means a golden opportunity to use Amazon and its reach to your advantage. Something we’re here to help you with.


84% of online shoppers have an Amazon account. That’s a customer database worth tapping into. Considering that the Amazon e-commerce ecosystem is so varied, there’s bound to be an opportunity to find a space for your products, no matter what they are.

As with most things, it’s easy to engage with Amazon, but it’s difficult to do well. Keyword search research, product description creation, USP definition – these are all things that make your product stand out. Something that’s indispensable on a platform as vast as Amazon.


We have over five years’ experience with Amazon, and have developed key processes and tools to get as much bang for your buck as possible on the platform. We’ll make sure your products are shown to the right people based on their search behaviour, and we’ll ensure that the product pages are enticing and clear enough to close the sale.

With our 100+ in-house experts, we can do as much of this as you’d like. If you’ve got a strong content team of your own, we can provide a detailed and practical keyword overview. If content creation is new to you, we can provide support and training. And if content creation is a necessary evil in your eyes, we can take care of it for you.

As the leading Amazon agency, we combine our operational expertise with the capacity, scalability and efficiency of our own software solution, factor-a suite. Much like your customers, you’ll find you’ll get exactly what you need, exactly when you need it. Let’s discuss the options together!

Questions? We are here to help!


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