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Data Management Platform


Having data from different sources integrated and stored in one central data hub can provide huge benefits. Your business decisions are better informed, leading to improved results.

Integrated data hub

In the world of digital advertising and programmatic marketing, data has grown exponentially in both volume and importance. It can be found in many systems that by default are not connected, meaning your data is stored in different silos.

In a data management platform (DMP) you can collect and combine all your customer data from a range of different sources. It is a central hub that creates customer profiles to be used for marketing channels and reporting. Examples of online data sources are web analytics software, advertising platforms, CRM and ERP systems, marketing automation platforms or mobile applications. Offline data sources might be point of sales or transactional data. First-party data can be enriched with second- and third-party data to create a cohesive view of your customers.

This kind of cohesive data can help predict what new products or services your customers might want, putting you ahead of the competition.

Our Dept process

Our data consultants have extensive experience in setting up DMP’s with a wide range of data sources. We start by selecting the appropriate platform for your business. Some examples of platforms that we worked with are Tealium, Krux / Salesforce DMP, BLuekai, IQNOMY and Relay42. Setting up the platform is the next step, after which we aggregate all relevant data. We create better and more complete user segments across data sources to create more effective campaigns. Developing use cases specifically for your business and campaign management are part of our DMP services as well.

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