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Dept performance marketing

Information bombards us at such high speed and volume, that audiences are becoming immune to advertising messages. In this ad-saturated world, how do brands stand out of the crowd? Luckily, at Dept our creatives collective and technology crew know exactly what’s necessary to get your message across.


In the past, a campaign used to consist of buying a few commercials, an advert in the newspaper and maybe a few bus shelter displays. Now your customer is online, even in the offline world. Both worlds are colliding as we speak. Indeed, they are probably already changed by the time you finish reading this. This creates exhilarating opportunities for brands. The ways of reaching out to your target audience are endless. The downside: so are the choices of expression.

Stand out

So you find yourself in the position of having an amazing brand story and you are well aware of who needs to hear about that. But before you start, ask yourself this three-sided question: how, where and when will I reach my target audience in an ever-changing, ad-saturated world?

Our Dept process

Luckily, you don’t have to answer these questions all by yourself. At Dept we have formed a diverse collective of creative talents (designers, copywriters, strategists, marketers) who collaborate with our technology professionals. Combining the best of both worlds. After all, storytelling is as relevant today as it was in the past, but technology is what changes a regular story into an amazing one. One that has impact and is here to stay.

Measure and optimise

The best part about campaigning digitally, is measurability. Does your brand story hit the sweet spot of your target audience or is the campaign in need of some optimisation? We measure everything down to the last detail. This provides valuable insights into which post, banner or video works, or not. Also, this enables us to make campaigning as effective as possible.

Questions? We are here to help!


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