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Performance Marketing

Dept performance marketing

The digital world offers us many new opportunities and touch points to reach customers. In order to utilise these opportunities and receive quality feedback, we have created our own performance management systems. These systems collect qualitative data to help you reach your customers in ever more targeted ways.

By facilitating the performance review process, we generate 360° feedback, retain historical review data or integrate third-part applications that can store and maintain historical data.

The competitive edge

We know how important it is to spend budgets in a practical and beneficial manner. Our integrated marketing information management solutions will save you money while enabling you to remain highly competitive.

Our expertise ranges from the Google Display Network, DoubleClick, retargeting, YouTube, Spotify, and Spryker to Contentserv. Our team works closely with our very own trading desk to optimise performance and offer valuable feedback that can be implemented towards the better use of consumer data.

Moreover, dexterity is more important now than sales volume. E-commerce shops need to have numerous functions added to them, with many features going unused. We can help your brand or company create an e-commerce business model that gives a high performance and is easy to implement. Through the use of Spryker we can design, plan and implement a system that will have your e-commerce shop running like a well-oiled machine.

The perfect campaign

As real-time bidding becomes increasingly important for brands and companies, we are here to help you tap into new target audiences and generate repeat visits by increasing your visibility on networks and providing access to major exchanges.

Lastly, to implement branding improvements, increase brand awareness and stimulate brand preference, we aid you in implementing programmatic and display advertising. Together we can create the perfect campaign to improve your overall brand image.

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