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Content Management

Dept content management

Sound content management for e-commerce is not just about updating and uploading assets, it incorporates simplified enterprise communications appealing to your end user. We build systems that will seamlessly integrate with your current way of working and your competencies. Gaining a deep understanding of what you want to achieve is crucial for us, so that we can develop the best solutions that are customised to your requirements and goals.

Engagement & personalisation

All retailers understand that communication and social interaction are key influencers in people’s buying habits. The important elements in marketing communication are engaging experiences, clear and accessible information and input from other people. Content driven e-commerce provides for long-term customer relationships. Non-product related content engages customers and prospects with your brand emotionally. Dynamic content slots enable marketers to distribute photos, videos, background stories, etc. according to their customers’ preferences and consumer behaviour, enabling a highly individual customer experience.

Our Dept process

We have experience integrating content management systems with e-commerce solutions to create rich, engaging branded content, focused around production and content delivery. This allows our customers to gain greater control of e-commerce touch point messaging and have consistent brand usage and concepts through multiple channels.

We work with FirstSpirit, Adobe Experience Manager and Magnolia CMS for content and experience solutions. All of these software products are based on the Java programming language. So, for the implementation of customer experience solutions based on these software products we have advanced Java software development paths. Additionally, our developers are certified in Java software development.

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