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From our Depsters January 24, 2018

Our Thoughts on Digital #2


We filtered these articles from the jungle of information on the internet to keep you one step ahead of the latest social and tech news. Enjoy!

Awesome dynamic: Influencer marketing gets a boost with Facebook changes: The Facebook algorithm change that has publishers panicking may be good news for a certain group inside the industry: influencers and their followers.

WhatsApp officially launches its app for businesses in select markets: The addition of business profiles and new messaging tools aimed at business customers is part of the company’s broader plan to generate revenue by charging larger enterprises for advanced tools to communicate with customers on the platform.

Enter the OASIS and experience the future. Steven Spielberg invites you to play ?

Doritos and Mountain Dew square off in PepsiCo’s joint Super bowl spot: PepsiCo announced that it will run a joint 60-second in-game Super Bowl spot for its new products Doritos Blaze and Mtn Dew Ice.

Pampers encourages parents to share their babies’ sleep personalities with #SleptLikeThis: Procter & Gamble’s Pampers diaper brand announced a new campaign highlighting the importance of babies being able to sleep through the night without leaky diaper-induced interruptions.


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