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From our Depsters July 13, 2018

Latest Social Media Platform Updates - June 2018

Latest Social Media Updates - June 2018

June was packed with new social media features and functionality upgrades. From IGTV, weather effects on Snap Map to Twitter Media and Instagram video stickers, we list our top updates.

Facebook News

Emoji responses and group replies have arrived to Facebook stories

Facebook has added our favourite Reaction icons to Stories. Users now can respond to Stories in the same manner as they would to any other post within the News Feed. It will be interesting to see how it will affect the overall Facebook Stories engagement, with 150m daily users in comparison 400 active users on Instagram Stories each day.

Additionally, people can now start a group reply to a user’s Story with a group of friends, resulting in a group thread on Messenger. Similar to Instagram, people will be able to see who and how people reacted or replied via Messenger.

Facebook considers adding an A/B test option for page posts

Looking for that perfect post copy? Social media managers can soon be using a new A/B test option for their posts. The idea behind the new option is to allow testing different audiences by showing them different versions of a post. Though basic, it would definitely give marketers more creative freedom and flexibility to improve page performance. Presently, there are no details on the official release date of this feature.

Facebook experiments with cross-posting single image Facebook updates to Instagram

To further integrate its family of apps and services, Facebook is currently testing posting Facebook image updates to Instagram. Now, testing seems to be happening with single-image updates. However, it is possible that multi-image updates will also appear in the future. It would be interesting to see how that might affect our sharing between Facebook and Instagram.


Instagram launches IGTV

To help IG users produce even more content, Instagram started IGTV, a long-form video platform. The platform allows you it to upload videos up to an hour long. Learn more about the ins and outs of IGTV in the latest blog post from Dept’s Creative Richelle Rondel.

Instagram tests adding video and multiple images as stickers in Stories

Instagram Stories might soon get an upgrade in the form of multiple image stickers and video stickers. The platform is testing an option of adding a set of photos combined with a single video to Instagram Stories. It seems the feature is currently available to a selected group of users. There is no update on the global rollout yet.

Instagram brings new shopping tags to Instagram Stories

Instagram expand users’ shopping experience by introducing shopping tags to Stories. Similar to tags in Instagram posts, the feature will enable marketers to feature numerous products in each Story frame.  The feature is currently available to selected brands only.

Instagram brings music to Stories

iOS users in select countries can now add a soundtrack to their Instagram Stories with the new music stickers. They let igers choose the part of the song they want to play in the background while recording Stories. Android users should be able to access this feature soon.

LinkedIn News

LinkedIn introduces Carousel Ads for Sponsored Content

Carousel Ads are the latest addition to LinkedIn’s ad portfolio. The layout is similar to the one marketers use on Facebook. Users can include up to 10 images in each carousel ad, with individually customisable captions.

Twitter News

Twitter introduces additional measures to tackle bots and trolls

To battle abuse and misuse of the platform, Twitter includes a number of new security tactics.

New Twitter users will need to confirm their email address and phone number used for signing up.  The platform also has improved IP-based detection measures to block any multiple accounts originating from the single connection in a short time. Additionally, Twitter has recently purchased  Smyte, which is a digital spam detection platform.

Twitter introduces Twitter Media

Last month, Twitter launched Twitter Media, a new resource for best practice and inspirational content to help publishers scale up their activities on the platform. The guide covers tips, tools and case studies.

In Other News

Reddit introduces native video ads

Reddit now lets marketers use native video ads. Following the example of the likes of Facebook and Twitter, video ads will autoplay in users’ feeds.

With the growing strength of video content on the platform, this looks like a natural move for Reddit to include native video ads in their advertising suite. The ads are being rolled out now.

Google allows brands to claim their Knowledge Panels

Google now allows brands to have more control over their Knowledge Panel. Accounts will need to be verified first to claim relevant Knowledge Panels. This will enable them to suggest edits to the panel. Such changes refer to essential information and a featured image.

A welcome addition for any businesses who want to provide the most reliable and factual information available.

YouTube announces the new range of monetisation tools for creators

To incentivise vloggers to keep using YouTube, the platform introduced a range of new monetization tools. They include channel memberships and a merchandise ‘shelf’ feature. Moreover, YouTube launched YouTube Premieres, a new way to introduce upcoming videos with pre-recorded clips before the actual uploads go live.

It’s hard to believe we are halfway through 2018. We can’t wait to see what else is cooking across social media this summer. Stay tuned for our regular updates!



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