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September 10 - 11, 2020

Slovenian Advertising Festival


Brands have migrated to a purely digital realm opening up a myriad of possibilities, and yet their content is copy pasted and repeated on all devices and formats. We are challenging these traditional applications by putting motion and the freedom of movement at the heart of a brand’s DNA, allowing its messages to evolve seamlessly to both existing and future media formats.

Stan Haanappel is a visual and motion designer at Studio Dumbar (part of Dept). He is a graduate of Willem de Kooning Academy, where he majored in graphic design. He won the Fontanel Award of Dutch Design Talent in 2017. His focus lies in typography and cutting-edge technologies, as well as in the search for unique approaches in design communication.

Stan Haanappel, Visual Designer at Studio Dumbar (part of Dept), will be a guest speaker at Slovenian Advertising Festival. Want to know more and meet him at the festival? Give Stan a call at +31 6 42 24 95 55.

Design in Motion

Stan Haanappel