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Accelerating the travel and leisure industry: top 3 digital trends for 2021


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Travel and tourism contributed $9.25 trillion to the global economy in 2019. In 2020, the global industry revenue was expected to increase from $685bn to $712bn. But then, the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

While the long-term damage of the pandemic cannot truly be assessed yet, the standstill of public life has already significantly impacted travel and tourism businesses; as well as the closely connected leisure, hospitality and cultural businesses such as museums, theatres, restaurants and event venues.

Despite the turbulence, the powerful societal desire to travel is expected to return, but travel and leisure companies will need to redesign their products and services to meet new consumer demands. The excitement and allure that encourages customers to book travel and leisure experiences will need to be balanced with reassurance that not only will it be exceptional, it will also be safe.

Technology was already starting to permeate many areas of travel and leisure prior to the pandemic, but digital transformation will now be the cornerstone of the industry in order to resume normality.

We’ve broken down our predictions for that transformation into three key trends:

  • Increasing consumer autonomy
  • Reimagining and optimising experiences
  • Adopting tech to build COVID confidence

Download this longread to find out how your travel or leisure company can thrive in 2021.