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Health Service Executive (HSE)

User testing to improve the healthcare journey

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The HSE provides all of Ireland’s public health services in hospitals and communities across the country. They chose Dept to help deliver their digital roadmap, which will transform how the HSE interacts with its users.

The HSE requires high quality user research to deliver insights and data towards this digital transformation. We ran user testing on the HSE’s website content and features across 15 weeks. The results are driving improved usability and comprehension for their user base.

Improved usability and comprehension

Our UX team partnered with the HSE digital team to conduct rigorous testing of digital features and content. This included live and proposed items. The goal was to identify existing and potential usability issues. We also ran testing to assess content comprehension and sentiment on high profile health information.

Data driven user testing

We needed to test the website features whose improvement would deliver the best return to the user. To select them we coupled data, including engagement metrics, scroll maps and heat maps, with a heuristic evaluation of newly designed components on HSE website.

This initial research helped us determine the existing areas that needed user feedback. We also looked at upcoming features and rolled those into our testing plan.

The content that was chosen to be tested was generally either high profile or required a great deal of user understanding in order to be successful.

Comprehensive test plan

In total we needed to run eleven usability tests that would evaluate new and existing features and content. Working with the HSE team we wrote a test plan containing the goals, tasks and metrics for each test.

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Recruiting the right participants

The greatest insights come from gathering feedback from real users. To ensure high quality findings we needed to recruit the right people. We leveraged our participant database to find the right people for each test. We recruited 66 people for eleven tests of varying age groups, demographics and health conditions.

Running the user tests

All of our usability tests were run in-house at our Dept digital offices in Dublin. Each session lasted 45 minutes with six sessions per test. HSE stakeholders were able to remotely live stream the sessions to get firsthand feedback from real users.

Analysis and implementation

After each test the the data was rigorously analysed to identify patterns, usability issues, along with content sentiment and gaps. We compiled our recommendations for the HSE digital team, empowering them to make informed decisions on content and design based on user’s needs.

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