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Insight and grip on your energy use

Dept Agency - Oxxio
Webby Award
Lovie Award

Almost anything we want, we can get with our smartphones. A tasty and healthy meal is only a few swipes away, and we can do banking from the palm of our hands. Energy supplier Oxxio wanted to bring this mobile convenience to the business of utilities. Dept got the honor to create a mobile digital strategy for Oxxio and bringing it to life: from strategy to design and from development to campaign. The result? The Oxxio app.

Oxxio wanted to develop an app-only service with full insight and control on energy consumption. With the Oxxio app, customers have access to all services of the energy supplier. The app shows how much energy has been used, predicts the annual note, allows the users to pay bills and to change their personal data. In short, self-service for various energy activities is key to the app, no matter where you are or when you want to carry out an activity. Indeed, why should you call someone if it is much easier to do your energy tasks yourself? The combination of insights and self-service gives Oxxio customers a sense of control over their own energy consumption. This has led to a decrease in questions and an increase in satisfaction.

Energy buddy O.

The app is also the home of chatbot energy buddy O. He monitors the energy consumption and warns users in case of deviations, such as a peak in energy consumption. O. is also the first point of contact for questions and he tries to help them as much as he can. If necessary, he will forward the customer to a member of Oxxio’s client services team for further assistance. O. also learns from customer feedback and is constantly trained to become even better. O. is not only very useful, he also brings a lot of fun with the app, by giving his advice in a playful way!


Appsolute for Oxxio

Oxxio is all about openness. Because customers who know what they pay and what for, are happy customers. Insight is key. The app shows customers their energy budget: a circle that slowly empties when energy is being used, just like the MB counter with their mobile provider. The Annual Check in the app predicts the annual note, preventing unpleasant surprises at the end of the year.


The app is developed for smartphones and tablets, working on iOS and Android. There is an Apple Watch app, for people who like to take care of their energy business from their wrist. To guarantee the best experience, all apps are developed natively. Oxxio’s website is mainly used for customer acquisition and information about the app.

Oxxio is part of the Eneco group, which is why the Oxxio app is connected to Eneco’s IT landscape. By creating a smart layer, we can use all of Eneco’s data in the Oxxio app, without losing flexibility. Thanks to this layer, our development teams have more freedom with developing the app.

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Oxxio half width case


Customers love the Oxxio app: more than half of the energy supplier’s customers have the app on their phones. And those who have the app, stay with Oxxio the longest. On average, a user opens the app twice a month. In 3 years, self service use has tripled.

The Oxxio app makes the customers very happy: Oxxio is listed as a top-3 energy suppliers when it comes to customer happiness, together with UnitedConsumers and Greenchoice. Furthermore, Oxxio was awarded with a silver prize and the People’s Choice at the Lovie Awards in the category “Best Use of Messaging” and a People’s Choice Webby Award for best chatbot.

More to come

Oxxio and Dept will continue to make the app smarter, better and more fun. Energy buddy O. will form the core of the relationship between Oxxio and its customers. The app will be the place where O. lives and where customers handle all their energy business. By continuing to train O., he will be able to assist customers with their questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In the near future, Oxxio will handle all service requests through the website and app, taking down support by telephone. The reason? Customers no longer need it. The app satisfies their needs and includes live chat with Oxxio’s service crew when necessary.

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