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Streamlining EirGrid's web presence

a single group website combining 3 entities
reduction in online content and assets

As Ireland’s electricity grid operator, EirGrid wanted to make their data more accessible to users. Their digital presence was previously one that reflected their internal structure. We helped them transform to one based around their business and user needs. Our skills in UX, governance, and content strategy played a significant role in delivering a useful and manageable group website.


The EirGrid Group delivers a safe, secure and reliable supply of electricity throughout the island of Ireland. In contrast their online presence was unwieldy, with three individual websites representing different arms of the business. Our refocused and streamlined website united those three websites into one. In the process, EirGrid reduced the volume of online content and assets they had to manage by 80%.


live data and a central library serve user needs.

Streamlined document management

The EirGrid Group produces a large volume of regulated material, to which key user groups require easy access. A central repository (called the Library) allows users easily search, filter, and download documents.

Project consultation

Organised by county, users can find the background, benefits, and status of current and recent infrastructural projects. This section is key to providing transparent information to the public and involving them in the consultation process.

Live data presentation

We integrated with EirGrid’s web services to offer real time updates about Ireland’s electricity grid to users through visual charts. This is one of the most popular sections on the site.


Key functionality includes a searchable document repository, a projects section, live data charts, integration with Active Directory, and a full Roxen environment build.

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