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Better understanding one's online customers


Quadient (formerly Neopost) is a market-leading technology provider of digital communications, shipping and mail solutions that enable companies to maintain highly personalised customer communication across all channels and devices. The company wanted to better understand its customers’ onsite behaviour by collecting more data points and align all regions to make the touchpoints and traffic comparable overall. As such, the company approached Dept to unify all touchpoints and campaigns on a global scale.

A holistic view of the company’s customers

In today’s digital age, it’s important to not only understand how well your campaigns are performing but also how users are interacting with your website. When combined, this information can help brands improve the user experience and refine specific features or content. That’s why Quadient turned to Dept to help them better understand their customers’ onsite behaviour by implementing a best practice website tracking solution. We also harmonised Quadient’s marketing channels across all markets to provide the company with a holistic view of their online marketing performance. This resulted in the creation of twenty Google Studio Dashboards, which reflected the need of each market.


unifying all touchpoints and campaigns across 17 markets

Setting up the basics

Our team of experts tackled the problem head-on. We began by doing a deep analysis of the client’s internal business requirements in order to better understand the company’s needs as well as to properly understand their data vision. Based on this information, we recommended the brand to implement Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and integrate custom dimensions, channel groupings, and event-tracking to truly reflect the company structure and business goals. 

To make this a reality, we started by creating a digital analytics concept, a conceptualisation of the tracking which served as a base for all markets. This was first executed in the United States and then rolled out across eighteen more countries in less than a year, providing a standardised foundation for Quadient’s international marketing teams.

Creating custom dashboards

Once the basics were in place, this was followed by the implementation of customised dashboards. We created strategic dashboards for management which, for example, show comparisons of lead performance across all seventeen regions. This allows the management to have easy access to always up to date performance data of all different markets. Our team then built sixteen operational dashboards that show channel performance, the development of leads, and eShop dashboards enabling Quadient employees to easily check product category and performance by quantity and revenue. Additionally, the dashboards provided users with the possibility to access the marketing channel overview, showing which channels drove most conversions or exhibited the lowest bounce rates. This empowers marketers to make data-based decisions on which channels marketing spending could be increased or decreased.

Lastly, we organised multiple trainings for five Marketing Directors and fifteen marketing managers across different countries and markets. During these trainings, we handed over the dashboards and ensured that the employees understood how they worked and how to read the data and translate that into actionable insights.


Unifying 17 countries

Ultimately, our team aligned campaigns and customer touchpoints across all of the company’s regions and made them comparable to one another. This resulted in:

  • The creation of twenty dashboards: Customer insights are now always at hand and can be compared per region when needed for both management and marketing managers. We also empowered Quadient employees to use the data at hand to gain valuable insights.
  • A better understanding of online content consumption: Quadient can now see on which pages their customers spent most of their time, which pages exhibit high bounce rates, or produce the most leads. Knowing this enables Quadient to optimise their website content to provide the best customer experience.
  • Optimisation of online marketing performance: The brand is now better able to understand the performance of their online marketing activities and can optimise budgets of marketing channels which bring in the most leads to fuel their conversion rate.

This is just the beginning. Our partnership with Quadient is still ongoing and in the future, we hope to be able to support them in further improving their users’ experience and marketing performance with the help of data.

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