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CX & Design March 22, 2016

SDL: The Future Is Global


SDL is streamlining its portfolio of products and refocusing on its core strengths – language translation services and technology solutions. Its Global Content Technologies (GCT), composed of web content management and documentation products, are complementary to the language suite and offer an excellent solution for global enterprises that operate in multiple markets in multiple languages.

With SDL’s Tridion content management system at the heart of its GTC solution, global organisations have the ability to rollout multilingual, localised sites in multiple markets, all managed by a centralised system.

Nuno Linhares, Director of Product Management for SDL, said, “Our legacy has been in language and global content, and to continue this legacy and deliver world class global content management solutions maximizing language as our key differentiator, we have taken steps to divest in the areas that don’t support our unique value proposition and reinvest in areas that do.”

Dept, SDL’s awarded partner with the Most Implementations, has implemented over sixty SDL solutions for some of the world’s largest organisations, including a global rollout of 45 market sites in just nine months for Adama.

Dept UK’s Co-Founder, Andy Iddon, said, “SDL’s key differentiator has always been its translation and global content management capabilities. By focusing on this core offering, SDL is well placed to capitalise on the rise of enterprises seeking solutions to the globalisation and localisation challenge.”

SDL is consistently featured in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management. In 2015, it was listed in its ‘Leaders’ category for the sixth year running.

In December 2015, SDL was recognized by EContent Magazine as part of the “100 List of Companies that Matter Most in the Digital Content Industry.” SDL was chosen for its dedication to helping companies tailor content for the needs of a global audience.

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