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CX & Design February 26, 2016

SDL Enhances Translation Management System Applications


SDL have announced enhancements to two of its translation management system applications – SDL WorldServer and SDL TMS –  which, according to the Common Sense Advisory, “have more enterprise deployments today than any other translation management system in the industry.

The enhancements will improve the productivity of these centralised, flexible and automated enterprise translation programs:

  • Improved productivity with new user experience (UX)
    Project administrators now have the ability to manage major translation projects at both the project group and task level, reducing administration efforts and time, while also improving productivity for submitting, reviewing and processing translation requests.
  • Ease of use with new common SDL User Interfaces (UI)
    Both SDL WorldServer and SDL TMS adopt common SDL UI for instant familiarity across the entire translation ecosystem and improved user performance.
  • Improved integration across SDL products and third-party systems with new REST-based API
    The latest version of SDL WorldServer and SDL TMS implement a new REST-based API architecture and Filter updates to tighten the integration with many other products including SDL Trados Studio, the leading translator productivity tool.

Growing demand for foreign language content is pressuring organizations to greatly improve their translation productivity,” said Dominic Kinnon, President, Global Language Solutions at SDL.

Translation experts are being asked to localize more types and higher quantities of content in shorter periods of time with improved quality than ever before. With our latest enhancements to SDL WorldServer and SDL TMS, we continue to innovate in language technology, helping organizations expand to global markets so they can drive revenue and meet customers’ expectations, regardless of language.

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