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Performance Marketing June 22, 2018

Increasing Reach with Amazon Advertising Platform (AAP)

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It is no longer a secret that Amazon Marketing has become an important sales driver for Vendors. In this regard, Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) has already been reported in detail. In addition to AMS, the Amazon Advertising Platform (AAP) also belongs to the family of Amazon self-service solutions and has now been launched.

Via the Amazon Advertising Platform, display and reach campaigns can be individually and specifically controlled. Display ads can be played on Amazon pages and apps, other pages and apps operated by Amazon (such as Imdb, Twitch and Audible), as well as third-party websites and apps. This opens up numerous possibilities for the advertiser on Amazon to reach and pick up the customer online.

The range that display campaigns can reach via AAP is therefore enormous. The advantage here is that this media reach is coupled with anonymised user data from Amazon. There is no better source to get such valuable information on online shoppers’ buying behaviour and buying interests. This is a powerful new combination that can increase the effectiveness of display marketing measures: Welcome to the next level!

With the Amazon Advertising Platform, manufacturers and brands can book individual marketing placements, advertising material and target groups in a very focused manner and, in this way, direct external traffic to their product pages on Amazon, which guarantees a more efficient use of budgets than has been the case up to now. However, manufacturers who decide to use AAP should have a budget of 5,000 – 10,000€, as advertising in the display network is significantly more expensive than in AMS. The campaigns are billed via cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM) on a website, rather than the cost-per-click model used in AMS.


Of course, with such large budgets, the ads are not displayed to anyone. Very detailed setting options are configured so that the right audience can be addressed. Targeting a defined group is a very effective way of reaching a specific group of users with ads. Data collected by Amazon comes into play right here because different target group segments can be formed and measured on the basis of this data. Segmentation can be based on the lifestyle, in-market and demographic characteristics of users.

In addition, tailor-made target group segments can be created, which are used in the context of remarketing to reach existing customers (advertiser audiences). The retargeting ads can also be directed at lookalike audiences. These are user groups that are similar to their own existing customers, i.e. have similar search and purchase behaviour on Amazon. With this method, new customers can be generated and the customer base expanded. So-called “retargeting” ads can also be used to address Amazon users who have previously carried out a specific action, e.g. visited a website or not completed a purchase. This increases the probability that users who are already interested in a brand/product will finally convert and make a purchase.
The advertising possibilities are versatile and extensive as soon as you decide to use Amazon Advertising.

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