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News October 30, 2018

Dept wins Best Company Team at Hack Manchester


Last weekend saw two teams from Dept coding for 24 hours in a bid to be crowned champions at Hack Manchester.

During this large scale hackathon, competitors were given a range of challenges to select from to solve. These ranged from creating a digital solution to help inform friends of issues around Cyber Security, to finding a creative use of the transport data to make commuting more pleasurable.

The Dept teams worked on two challenges. The first one was a challenge set by Dunnhumby; they wanted competitors to use data to create an customer experience that was ‘less than optimal’.

The team’s solution was DrawStore – an app that enables you to buy things by drawing them.

You can have a go for yourselves at DrawStore

The second challenge the team completed was set by Clockwork SMS and challenged teams to create ‘the most bizarre use of Clockwork SMS’. The team created a solution that involved sentiment analysis, translations, bitcoin values and Chuck Norris quotes. You can check out their video here.

The solutions demonstrated creative ideas, design skills and rapid, complex coding, which combined to create solutions that really fit the selected challenges. Dept was shortlisted for Best Company Team, Best Project and The Dunnhumby Challenge, and was proud to scoop the prize for Best Team.

Dept would like to thank the organisers and our fellow competitors for a fun, challenging and rewarding hackathon! Roll on next year!



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