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News November 18, 2020

Dept Partners with Coveo to Deliver AI-powered Search Solutions


Dept has teamed up with the AI-powered search and relevance platform Coveo to strengthen its technology portfolio with predictive personalisation and relevance modelling.

“Partnering with Coveo is an exciting opportunity for Dept and our clients,” said Paul Thomas, Client Development Director at Dept. “With the current challenges businesses are now facing, delivering a slick and personalised commerce experience is more important than ever. Coveo’s advanced AI-driven platform enables powerful relevance modelling and intelligent search, helping consumers to find exactly what they’re looking for; the impact on conversion is impressive.”

“We are thrilled to welcome Dept into the Coveo Partner Program. They have broad technical expertise in integrating with our technology partners, including Salesforce, Sitecore and commercetools,” says Marie-Michele Caron, Vice President of Global Channel & Alliances, Coveo. “We’re looking forward to collaborating with Dept to power highly relevant and personal experiences.” 

From seamless search to hyper-personalisation, Coveo helps to easily index disparate content, crunch data, and deliver the most relevant results. Coveo’s intelligent search helps users to access relevant content at hyper-speed, with automatic query completion and intelligently ranked results. It connects search insights to interaction data from any touchpoint, and forecasts what people might need next. Content can be personalised easily and instantly by letting clicks and queries shape the experience. Ultimately, Coveo’s solution removes the friction that disengages customers, shoppers, and employees to deliver great experiences that evolve with every interaction.

As an official Coveo partner, Dept joins a global network of agencies and technology platforms worldwide. Dropbox, Shell, Intel and Paramount are among the top brands to have already implemented Coveo into their digital estate. 

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