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News February 12, 2020

Dept is future-proofing the talent pipeline as a Digital Future Ambassador


Dept is proud to be a Digital Future Ambassador; committed to sustaining a future for the Greater Manchester digital and creative sector through actively developing the region’s talent pipeline. From fashion to Fintech and agencies alike, Manchester has a wide portfolio of digital growth areas. Successfully positioning itself as the UK’s second city for tech, Manchester boasts the largest number of digital workers in the UK outside of London.

As an international digital agency with a growing presence in the UK, Dept is invested in establishing an economic ecosystem for digital to continue to thrive into the future. The time is now to step up and Dept is committing to curbing the skill shortage in a big way. through these initiatives: 

  • Sharing knowledge through presenting talks, masterclasses and inspiring workshops
  • Designing and delivering work that will help bring the curriculum to life
  • Providing industry work experience placements and internships for students
  • Helping to educate educators and careers advisors on the breadth of roles available 
  • Contributing resources that will increase awareness and understanding of the industry

Digital Futures is a programme, backed by the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA), reliant on industry support to future-proof the tech talent pipeline. The current skill shortage is expected to evolve into a critical situation with predictions stating, by 2035, Greater Manchester’s digital and creative sector will require an additional 22,000 roles in order to sustain itself. Talent is a top concern echoed throughout the sector and issues recruiting roles is increasingly becoming a blocker. In 2019, one-third of digital businesses in Manchester have reported turning away work due to a lack of talent. 

The UK has established itself as a global hub for tech. It is championed as the unicorn capital of Europe for producing more than twice the total number of $1bn tech companies, as well as growing the sector at such a rapid pace that’s outstripping the US and China. Is the UK punching too far above its weight? Ensuring the architecture is in place to underpin the magnitude of industry growth is paramount for continued success. Change is only possible through a community effort, the Digital Future initiative requires a collection of 250 businesses, organisations and related institutions to come together – follow in Dept’s footsteps and register your interest to be part of the solution.

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