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News August 08, 2018

Amazon vendor specialist factor-a opens UK office to service local clients


Renowned for sales acceleration, marketplace technology and branding on Amazon, Cologne-based factor-a, part of the international digital agency Dept, has opened its new UK office in London as a first step to expanding into European markets.

Founded in 2015, factor-a provides manufacturers and brands with the decisive advantage for increasing sales on Amazon by combining a proprietary intelligent software with agency performance. In only two years, factor-a has expanded to serve more than 100 international brand clients (including Montblanc, BIC, and Fissler) with a total of 100 employees. Today, the agency manages Europe’s largest Amazon Market Services budget and has developed several award-winning software-as-a-service products. In May, the agency became part of Dept, one of the top 10 digital agencies in Europe.

Marc Aufzug, Managing Director factor-a: “We have been fortunate enough to be able to grow over the last two years and have no plans to change that. Building a team in the UK will allow us to innovate at an accelerated pace as well as better serve our global customer base.”

The new office offers a hub of Amazon specialists that are able to create visibility for brands in Amazon’s powerful product search, manage new ad campaign options and develop vendor relationships. Moreover, it provides a great opportunity for combining the factor-a expertise with the existing competencies of the Dept UK team and its international portfolio.

Building the new UK team is in the hands of Jan Dominik Gunkel, Global Commercial Head at factor-a; “I’m really looking forward to growing our business further. As we all know, it’s more important than ever for brands to develop an Amazon strategy. With feet on the ground in the UK and the fact that we’re recruiting more talented Amazon specialists at the moment, we’re totally ready to develop effective client relationships in the UK market.”

Would you like to learn how your brand can get more visibility on Amazon, sell more and gain sustainable market share? Factor-a invites all clients and interested parties for the Launch Event on September 18 in London. Check for more information:

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