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CX & Design September 03, 2016

Adobe Experience Manager, The Hub within the Marketing Cloud

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It’s a pretty big statement, but it is the truth. Each tool within the Marketing Cloud of Adobe is about creating, analyzing and presenting content in such a way that it sells. In Adobe Experience Manager, all the content comes together and can be managed for all different tools.

Within this blogpost I will show you the advantage of Adobe Experience Manager if you already use other tools within the Marketing Cloud like Campaign, Analytics, Audience Manager or Target.

Before we start, let’s first explain the purpose of Adobe Experience Manager itself.

Adobe Experience Manager, the content hub

Adobe Experience Manager is a tool that organizes, manages, and delivers creative assets. Its main purpose is to deliver relevant experiences to customers that will build brands, drive demand and facilitate outreach. The user can use templates to create targeted content and publish them securely in the cloud.

Adobe Experience Manager is a CMS that gives you the power to deliver valuable content to your audience on different channels (web, mobile, app etc.). Marketeers might want to extend the possibilities of AEM to easily create and maintain campaigns, analyze marketing channels or personalize content. This all can be done via Adobe Campaign, Analytics, Audience manager and / or Adobe Target. Let me explain those tools a bit further and lets see where Adobe experience Manager comes in.

Fully integrate Campaign within Adobe Experience Manager

Adobe Campaign is an ideal extension to Adobe Experience Manager. It’s an analytics tool that helps users build a personalized experience based on customer habits and preferences. It plans, manages and executes marketing campaigns. All and all it means that Adobe Campaign gives you an intuitive, automated way to deliver messages over marketing channels. The content used within Campaign can be maintained within your CMS, Adobe Experience Manager, so you can (re-)use the content on different channels in different moments of time.

Adobe Analytics, a solid ground to optimize content

Adobe Analytics is a marketing intelligence tool. It’s a set of tools for predictive and real-time analytics that can be integrated into third-party sources. It helps to create a holistic view of business activities by transforming customer interactions into insights. With simple and interactive dashboards and (real-time) reports, a user can manage and share real-time information which helps identify issues, discover opportunities and measure key performance indicators (KPI’s).

As said, Adobe Analytics can be integrated to third party sources. For Adobe Experience Manager however, there are standard plug-ins available which saves you a lot of struggle, time and money .

All and all, Adobe Analytics delivers you great information you can use optimizing and presenting your content on different channels using Adobe Experience Manager.


Create Persona’s with Adobe Audience Manager to personalize the AEM content

Adobe Audience Manager is a data management platform that can be used to create profiles of audience segments. These profiles can then be used for targeted ad campaigns, managed within Adobe Experience Manager and executed via Adobe Campaign.

Personalized content with Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Target

Adobe Target is a tool for testing and targeting digital experiences. It includes a user interface, built-in best practices, and robust optimization tools for following site visitors. With its self-learning algorithmic approach it is able to increase conversion and filter results precisely. Adobe Target also uses factorial testing to understand elements for real-time targeted content.

Adobe Target uses automated behavioral targeting with acquired data such as IP addresses, time of day, referral URLs and brand affinity. From the anonymous profiles it creates, Adobe Target is capable of giving personalized product or content recommendations.  This content can be easily stored, personalized for different profiles and managed within Adobe Experience Manager.

Considering Adobe Marketing Cloud products? Adobe Experience Manager is a must!

Adobe Campaign, Analytics, Audience Manager and Target are great tools on their own. But all those products need channels to track audience and target them. Those channels, mainly websites but also apps needs a CMS that support at least personalization options. Adobe Experience Manager does.

Another advantage of using Adobe products all together is that they integrate very easily. There are standard integration options available. The biggest advantage however is that each tool makes the other tool stronger. Get the most out of Adobe’s Marketing cloud and build your marketing platform around Adobe Experience Manager!

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