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Brand, Campaigns & Content September 13, 2017

3 Social Media Updates You Should Pay Attention To

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Social media is one melting pot of ideas, technology, and activities. No week passes by without news regarding our favourite social media platforms. From cosmetic changes to mind-blowing new features, it is essential for marketers to keep their ear to the ground. Here are my top 3 social media findings of the summer to which you should pay attention.

Facebook Retires 17 Types of Post Boosts

To help businesses focus on their business objectives, Facebook has decided to discontinue certain post boosts. As Marketing Land reports, the idea behind it is to make businesses use ads more strategically, instead of just generating social engagements such as likes or shares.

Considering how busy the platform is, it is a definitely a good move. Yes, it does mean extra thought and time need to be put into your ads. However, as the system aims at helping you reach your business goals, better planning of your ad budget is never a bad thing.

Which Types Of Posts Are Affected?

The change affects boosts to post types such as:

Boosting the share of a note
Place recommendations
Boosting a sports event
Boosts will not be available from September 15th. Any active boosts will stop after September 29th. Want to see the full list? Check it out on Facebook Business Help.


LinkedIn Embraces Video

Do you remember that time when you had to share Youtube links to get some video action on LinkedIn? Not anymore! Video is FINALLY available on LinkedIn. As of 22 August 2017, you can record a video directly from your mobile app, or upload it from your library. This new feature also brings important insights such as likes, comments as well as information on the top titles or locations of your audience.

Video content has cemented its rise when even LinkedIn has to take it on. With LinkedIn Video you can easily share your opinion, company announcements, and job openings in a quick, low-cost and easy-to-produce message. I can see LinkedIn videos popping out across platforms, from marketing moguls to recruitment experts. People love video clips so why not to embrace it on LinkedIn.

Facebook Introduces New Features Around Branded Content

Facebook keeps improving ways to make brand-influencer collaboration easier and more transparent. The platform aims at allowing marketers to amplify branded content and have control over related activities.

Now, you can directly boost your creator’s branded content. How? Via the branded content tool and page tagging, creators can permit a marketer to boost their post. The boosted post will be seen from a creator’s page. You as a marketer decide which creators can tag your brand in their posts. Plus, Facebook adds new stats to the ‘Branded Content’ section of the Insights tab to help you determine if boosts were successful or not.

If you work with influencers, that is definitely good news for you. Not only do you now have more insights into the performance of your promoted content generated by an influencer, but you can ensure your brand is associated with creators that are relevant to you.

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