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Training Course

Sitecore Optimisation Accelerator


If you’ve invested in Sitecore Experience Database (XDB) and want to ensure you’re getting the most out of the platform, Dept’s Optimisation Acclerator is for you. Find out how to use the data to power personalisation and customer experience improvements in just a few days.

Our Sitecore Optimisation Accelerator is a fast track training course, which introduces clients to the powers of Sitecore’s XDB functions. Within just three days, we can train your team on how to use Sitecore’s XDB features, along with creating an implementation plan of what you need to setup to start leveraging the power of Sitecore’s XDB engine.

By empowering your team with everything they need, you could be utilising the full breadth of XDB features including Experience Analytics, Goals & Engagement Values, Path Analyser, Personalisation and A/B & MVT Testing within just four weeks.


With the Accelerator course, we aim to leave your team with three key takeaways:

  • Understand the different features within Sitecore’s XDB and how to leverage these on a daily basis.
  • Identify what goals and profiles need to be created and tagged across the site to deliver personalisation and optimisation testing.
  • Deliver an implementation plan, which documents everything which needs to be created within 30 days to deliver personalisation.

What to expect

You will receive hands-on training of Sitecore’s XDB features within your CMS with guidance from our team of experts.  We’ll also leave you with a training guide to support the team moving forwards in the set up of personalisation and testing activity, and an implementation plan for your website to enable personalisation within 30 days.

An optional addition is for Dept to provide technical support and consultancy throughout your implementation.

What the process looks like


Before the training

To initiate the training we’ll start by gathering the training team together to deliver an internal briefing on your website.

We’ll review the current sites implementation of XDB, familiarise ourselves with your current sites content and features and prep the training materials and environment.

3 Day Training Schedule



On Day 1, we’ll provide a high level overview of what we’ll be covering throughout the week before introducing you to Sitecore Analytics.

We’ll then introduce you to Goals and Engagement Values within Sitecore and map out the goals and engagement values for your site.

Day 2: Personalisation

On Day 2, we start to explore different approaches to personalisation. Here we’ll introduce you to the difference between adaptive v.s. rule based personalisation techniques and introduce you to the rule set editor.

We’ll then work with you to map out the profiles, profile cards and pattern cards for your site and demonstrate how you can test this using Explore mode.

Day 3: Optimisation

On Day 3, we start to explore optimisation. Here we’ll introduce you to the difference between A/B and MVT optimisation techniques and show you how to spot potential areas for optimisation using Path Analyser.

We’ll also spend some time discussing the differences between dedicated testing tools vs Sitecore.

Following the training

Following the training, we’ll undertake a project team retro to get feedback on the session.

We’ll also provide you with the training guides used in the session along with an implementation plan of what you need to setup to start leveraging the power of XDB.

We can also support remotely from a technical perspective on any setup issues you may have.

So, if you’re on Sitecore 8.0+,  have XDB installed and are currently collecting data, we can help to get you up and running! Contact us today to find out more.

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