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Agile Teams


Dept makes sure that the finest professionals work on your projects to achieve the best results.

It’s a match

We live in a world where work comes and goes, but also differs from one week to the other. Finding the right professional to fit your exact needs can be a difficult and time-consuming challenge. We are the platform for your digital professionals. A community which can help you build, improve and maintain the best possible team.

Our digital players

How do we manage to do this? By bringing together people who are great at envisioning, designing and creating digital services. Who can start strong from the get go with their digital skills and tools until the best possible job is done. Whether we are taking responsibility for full delivery, providing a few key players or need guidance to improve your existing team; it’s all the same to us. We live and breathe digital.

This is why

We believe in transformation through delivery. Using key Lighthouse Projects as part of your transformation ensures that the organisation can actualise goals whilst acting to re-enforce new ways of working and behaviours. We can also support in the ongoing delivery of projects and team enablement.

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