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Brand Identity

Dept brand identity services

A strong brand identity is the foundation your company rests upon. But it takes time and effort to establish an identity that is made to last. At Dept we have collected multiple specialists who can aid you in achieving a strong brand identity from scratch. From strategists, to creatives and tech savvy professionals, we’re ready to help you, whether it’s a fresh start or total rebranding.

Get noticed

To stand out in a cluttered market and establish a brand that is seen and appreciated, takes both knowledge of the specific market and the creative and technological possibilities. To rise above the crowd is not only reserved for the big-shot companies, even though at times you might wonder how they do it. Luckily, it’s not size that matters. All that counts is that you are ambitious about establishing a strong brand identity. Because only then we can form a perfect match. For us, all that matters is that we’re both ambitious.

Our Dept process

Obviously, visual benchmarks are a big part of brand identification, but establishing an actual brand identity takes more than just the creation of a logo or a campaign. Brand identity is how your public perceives your company and how they connect with you on multiple levels through different brand touch points. That is where you can make the difference. Where you can distinguish your brand from others in the same industry.

Our process starts with developing a captivating story, clear-cut strategy and outstanding visual character. All of this will be done with a digital first approach. You can shape your identity, but without the proper reach your story is still lost at sea. That’s why we work with the best tech professionals and marketing gurus. Then we can implement your brand identity for optimal reach.

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