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Omni Channel

Dept omni channel strategy services

We create the most fitting omni-channel strategy for clients by focusing on the interaction between technology processes, human resources and data.

Creating a consumer focused world

The future will be shaped by consumers. An integrated experience has become the norm, if not the expectation. An omni-channel approach improves these expectations and customer satisfaction along with them.

The key to staying successful in this market is to create a fluid, borderless world where design, usability and technology intersect. The idea of being able to buy anywhere, anytime offers the potential for higher revenues, increased brand loyalty and greater confidence for the brand.

Evolving customer journeys

With evolving digitisation new customer journeys have evolved. The point at which individual touch points occur, become blurred. Omni-channel is the answer to sharpening the boundaries of touch points as it places the consumer at the centre, removing them from the sales channels.

Omni-channel includes all common sales and communication channels and consequently online, mobile, social and instore. It is essential to take the sales processes from the customer perspective into account, in order to handle the complete diversity and create a consistent consumer world.

Customised experience

The ability to provide consumers with a more customised experience is a big plus since customers with cross-channel habits tend to spend more time with their favourite brands and business. This is why retailers need to unify their channels and offer personalised experiences via the collection of accurate data and behaviour tracking across all channels.

Our Dept process

At Dept we focus on a strong omni-channel strategy for your business. Analysing your current status and developing an omni-channel strategy in order to make your business grow and meet customer expectations. Both brand awareness and customer loyalty will increase, while the cross- and upselling-potential – and therefore the revenue – will rise.

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