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Google Data Studio


Google’s free dashboard and reporting tool, Google Data Studio (DS), offers accessible data visualisation. With DS, marketers will find it easy to use, customise and share their data. Dept helps you to grow your business with data insights and Google technology.

Crucial for companies today is the ability to create actionable customer insights from their data. DS let’s you visualise and combine different data sources. From Google’s own platform (Google Analytics, Google Sheets, Googles Ads, Search Console, Big Query), general database standards (such as MySQL) or platform specific data through third party providers (such as Supermetrics). By collecting data in Google Sheets, you can use data from any software or API.

From data to insights

DS’s main promise is its ease of usage. Without IT support, marketers can unite their data sources effortlessly and transform raw data into metrics and dimensions. With drag and drop features it’s easy to produce clear reports and dashboards. Its low complexity allows for the quick creation and sharing of actionable insights and the tracking of KPIs. Reports can also be smoothly embedded on an intranet or website.

Data-driven marketing

DS offers a solid start to make your marketing decisions more data-driven. If you’re aiming to fast-track on the road to becoming a data-driven company, Dept is your dedicated partner. Our specialists have tons of experiences with a variety of companies and branches. We know what’s important for your digital marketing and management, which sources to connect and how to visualise these efficiently. We help you reinvent and accelerate your business by transforming data into customer value.

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