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From our Depsters August 08, 2017

Outplay Entertainment team up with e3creative (part of Dept)


Outplay Entertainment, one of Europe’s largest independent game developers, is aiming to refresh their public image. They’ve sourced Manchester’s award-winning design and development agency, e3creative (part of Dept), to lead the project. Founder of e3creative Jake Welsh, outlines the challenge ahead:

“When Outplay Entertainment got in touch with us to design and develop their new digital strategy, including a revamped brand identity and cutting-edge new website, we were delighted. Outplay’s work is unparalleled, and executed to a world-class standard, with their values so well tuned with ours, the end result to be expected is hugely exciting…watch this space!”

Outplay Entertainment’s new website aims to boost the brand’s profile amongst its peers, customers, the business community and within the press. The website will be fitting for an international audience built with over 10 languages, as well as areas to showcase games and provide support for users world-wide. These components are now being drafted by Simon Fairhurst, Head of Design and UX at e3creative (part of Dept), in their Manchester office. Fairhurst explains his approach:

“Encouraging user interaction, through engaging elements, is the main concept being carried throughout all sections. For instance, great colour and large imagery are being incorporated with stunning UI and videos to entice visitors to click through, and explore the various areas.”

Fairhurst further adds:

“Specifically, I’m working on an interactive case study area that’ll bring the artwork to life and convey the process of creating each game. It’ll host pencil sketches, original character designs, as well as plans and snippets from the original games.”

e3creative (part of Dept) has established a reputation for creating digital experiences that re-imagine the way people interact with technology. This is reflective in the work they’ve launched over the years, with links to Microsoft’s XBox Fable Legends, Wonderland the Musical, Ascot Racecourse and St. Michael’s Group. Welsh is confident his team will continue on the upward trend with their newest project:

“Enthusiasm was bustling around the office when the agency was granted the contract for Outplay Entertainment. This is a great sign, considering our multi-talented teams are the agency’s backbone. Together, they’re consistently creating digital solutions that captivate users and position brands ahead of the curve. I have no doubt, especially with their love for app technology and games, they’ll produce a striking product for Outplay that surpasses expectations.”

Outplay Entertainment is a game development studio specialises in free-to-play social and mobile games. They’ve released Bubble GeniusCrafty CandyMystery MatchAlien Creeps and Bubble Blaze. Outplay has also collaborated with Ravio to develop the famous Angry Birds.

The new Outplay Entertainment website in scheduled to go live in November.

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