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From our Depsters March 02, 2018

Our Thoughts on Digital #7

Dept brand identity services

We filtered these articles from the jungle of information on the internet to keep you one step ahead of the latest social and tech news. Enjoy!

Everything you need to know about the latest social media craze Vero: You may have been hearing rumblings about a ‘new’ social media app that’s looking to disrupt the current State of Social Media. But what is Vero and why should you care?

Did their stock value drop because Kylie Jenner dissed Snapchat?: The reality TV star and influential Snapchat user tweeted this week that she no longer uses the app. Jenner’s tweet was enough to cause Snapchat’s parent company’s stock to plunge 6% Thursday, wiping off $1.3 billion in market value.

Voice assistants are making the smartphone redundant: We have been using smartphones for over 20 years now. They have evolved from clunky brick-like devices, only to return back to clunky brick-like devices. But it seems like the ‘slab’ is here to stay.

WhatsApp for Business: After testing in a couple of countries, WhatsApp Business is now also available in The Netherlands.

WhatsApp states that it is mainly developed for medium-sized businesses. The owners can use WhatsApp Business to communicate easily with their customers.

Facebook’s plan to unite AR, VR and News Feed with 3D posts: What if you could digitally sculpt a 3D object and share it on Facebook, play with it in virtual reality or insert it into your world with augmented reality? Facebook is polishing up after debuting posts of interactive 3D models that you can move and spin around.

Nokia’s banana phone from The Matrix is back: HMD, makers of Nokia-branded phones, is bringing the Nokia 8110 back to life as a retro classic. Just like the Nokia 3310 that was a surprise hit at Mobile World Congress last year, the 8110 plays on the same level of nostalgia.

Why does my phone make it so hard to turn off Bluetooth?: It’s a deliberate move by Apple: under iOS 11, turning Bluetooth off from the control center simply puts Bluetooth on time out until the next morning instead of disabling it permanently.


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