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From our Depsters October 29, 2018

Moneyplus expands into energy with e3creative (part of Dept)


Financial service provider MoneyPlus Group have appointed e3creative (part of Dept) to strategise, design and build an enterprise digital platform as they enter the energy sector.

Out of their Manchester headquarters, MoneyPlus operates one of the UK’s largest and most trusted, lifestyle solution companies who focus on aiding their customers to manage their finances in much better ways. Their direction into the energy sector will help them support their customer base in new ways.

MoneyPlus Group Chief Executive Officer Chris Davis, said: “MoneyPlus is proud to announce plans to expand our business into the energy sector. Digital is fundamental in launching this venture therefore collaborating on the design and development on an enterprising platform will generate a better understanding of household energy consumption enabling residents to secure the best deal possible, regardless of their past, to achieve a better quality of life.”

The last five years have seen households across the UK benefit from cheaper energy prices as competition in the market has increased. However the financially vulnerable have often found themselves excluded from these cost-savings due to poor credit standing or existing energy debt. Over 1.2 million UK households have some kind of energy debt and are often stuck on the most expensive prepayment and standard variable tariffs.

Davis adds: “MoneyPlus believes everyone deserves the chance of a securing a great deal and are excited by the opportunity to support both their existing customers and the rest of the market. The digital platform will form the primary interface with the customer, allowing them to manage their account online with ease, and so helping MoneyPlus Energy keep their customers’ bills low. It will also create transparency for energy consumers, particularly those in debt or at-risk, by explaining everything clearly and simply.”

Founder of e3creative Jake Welsh, said: “The team are delighted to collaborate with MoneyPlus. There is undoubtedly a powerful synergy between the two partners, sparking a highly-creative and productive process. By combining knowledge and experience from MoneyPlus Group with the agency’s digital expertise, we’re crafting a meticulous platform that simplifies a complex subject and empowers consumers.”

Prior to this appointment,  e3creative (part of Dept) have collaborated with MoneyPlus for various projects over the past year involving digital marketing, campaign execution and web and mobile app design and development.


Manchester digital agency e3creative is now part of Dept. The experience-led design team joins 1300 specialists at the forefront of technology, data, digital marketing, and commerce. 

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