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From our Depsters June 22, 2016

Human Appeal team up to revamp their website and upgrade their use of technology


Following a rigorous tender process, we have been selected by Human Appeal to provide outstanding digital strategy, ux, and design.

Human Appeal, a charity renowned for transforming lives in the world’s poorest nations, have chosen e3creative (part of Dept) as their new digital agency to revamp their website and upgrade their use of technology.

As one of the UK’s leading digital agencies with a growing portfolio of industry awards, we’re recognised for being disruptive in the creative and digital space, producing exceptional digital solutions for various clients, including Ascot, O2, Stonewall, and soon-to-be Human Appeal.

Jake Welsh, founder of e3creative, says: “we are delighted to be joining hands with Human Appeal to re-develop their digital strategy. Our efforts will be focused on increasing engagement at every step of the user’s journey.

“Having a strong online presence for any charitable organisation is critical, not only to ensure that they’re able reach out to international audiences, but to ensure that users can fully understand the intentions, aims, and ongoing programmes run by the charity. Human Appeal’s work changes lives across the world and that needs to be reflected across all of their digital channels and we look forward to working with Human Appeal to deliver just that.”

The partnership will involve both of our design and development teams to create, build, and implement a full new website for the charity. The project itself will entail full drafting of an overall strategy, revamp of designs and development of a custom site with an upgraded donation gateway and use of new mobile technology.

The website is set to launch in the first week of June, in line with Ramadan. Following launch, we will continue to work closely with Human Appeal to create awareness of their undertakings worldwide, as well as to further grow their donor base.


Manchester digital agency e3creative is now part of Dept. The experience-led design team joins 1300 specialists at the forefront of technology, data, digital marketing, and commerce. 



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