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From our Depsters November 06, 2017

Fan-tastic hub of cult entertainment


Fans of sci-fi, horror, fantasy, comic books and everything related are immersing themselves in a new blackhole of entertainment with the launch of Starburst Magazine’s enhanced digital platform crafted by e3creative (part of Dept).

The website,, reveals a futuristic design, fuelled by zones of never-ending interactive content, connected by subtle elements of gamification for a playful user experience and a dangerously addictive presence.

As the world’s longest-running magazine of cult entertainment, members of the loyal Starburst fanbase are flocking online to devour the publication’s original multimedia coverage connected to the topical realm of pop fiction. The emergent website acts as a teaser for their monthly magazine with a purchase gateway to subscribe to upcoming issues or acquire legacy editions produced over the past 40 years.


Manchester digital agency e3creative is now part of Dept. The experience-led design team joins 1300 specialists at the forefront of technology, data, digital marketing, and commerce.

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