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October 02, 2019

What do consumers really think of Personalisation?


In this breakfast briefing, Dept & Salesforce will share key insight and actionable recommendations on how to elevate your personalisation strategy to ensure you’re delivering the customer experience that UK consumers want. You’ll also hear real life experiences from the e-commerce directors of Karen Millen and Figleaves in an exclusive Q&A.

Consumers now expect much more than a list of products and services when they click onto a retail website. Whether they realise it or not, they’re ready for your brand to provide them with an experience that fits with their lifestyle choices. Personalisation is mainstream in e-commerce design and strategy, but what do UK consumers really think about brands’ personalisation tactics?

Based on the results of an in-depth study with 1,000 UK consumers, we’ll share what techniques are favoured, which retailers are doing it well, and some innovative suggestions to help take your personalisation to the next level.

Our expert speakers will provide actionable insight on how to implement, monitor and improve your personalisation strategy to ensure that you’re always ahead of the curve of customer expectation, while saving you time and effort implementing techniques that simply aren’t answering consumer demand.

Hear from e-commerce experts from Karen Millen and Figleaves in an exclusive panel discussion, as they share their experience of striving for an optimal customer experience.


Angus Jenkins — Head of E-commerce , Figleaves


Floris Oranje — Managing Director Marketing Automation , Dept


Sally Nowroozi — Senior Business Consultant EMEA, Salesforce

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