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What's next for Just Eat

Going headless in their futureproof marketplace ambitions


Just Eat (known as Just Eat) and Dept have joined forces for their next-level B2B e-commerce business. Together with Commercetools, we have built their new e-commerce platform for the partners’ services (B2B) department. Dept migrated, built, and designed the recently launched digital restaurant marketplace for their most important partners: the restaurateurs.

During this talk, we will dive into the Commercetools platform, and take a look at how marketplaces have evolved in 2020 and the outlook after that. Finally, we’ll look into how Just Eat is using the restaurant marketplace as a B2B solution to support the business activities and foster the partnerships through the use of data.

Key takeaways:

  • Discover how transformed its business to better serve the B2B market
  • Learn more about Commercetools – one of the leading headless commerce platforms which takes an API first approach to digital commerce
  • Get a better understanding about how to choose the right platform for your brand and the challenges associated to the implementation process

Coen Huijsmans, Digital Strategist at Dept will have an in-depth conversation with Maarten van Beek, Manager Partnerships (B2B) at Takeaway.


Maarten van Beek — Manager Partnerships (B2B), Just Eat

Maarten is responsible for the Partnerships department at Just Eat Takeaway. Maarten builds partnerships across Europe to revolutionize the world of (non) food service for partner restaurants and ultimately for the entire hospitality industry worldwide. He was formerly a catering entrepreneur and had a Sales role with “traditional” parties such as Grolsch and Bidfood.


Coen Huijsmans — Strategist, Dept

Coen has a passion for digital business and marketing from a data-driven perspective. He loves to work in an environment where e-commerce and digital channels are key. He’s happy to work at Dept as a Digital Strategist, he helps our clients to optimize various touchpoints in the journey into an awesome digital experience that converts and put a smile op people’s faces. It starts with goals and ambitions, which are translated into a clear strategy. When the strategy and the roadmap are in place, let’s get things done: optimize the digital customer journey based on data, in order to maximize results and conversions. Every day, Coen is trying to make a difference for A-brands like Gazelle, Etos & Randstad.

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