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Setting up Sitecore Personalisation


Sitecore and Dept have teamed up to help you get up and running with personalisation. From setting up goals and engagement values to personalised content management and tracking, Kyle Cassidy, Head of UX and Insights at Dept, will run you through practical, easy steps to help you get the most out of your Sitecore Experience Platform.

All marketers know that personalisation is key to driving an optimal customer experience, but it can be tricky to implement. Kyle’s approach simplifies the process and empowers marketers to easily set up the foundations of delivering personalised experiences that drive engagement and conversion.

Following the webinar, Kyle will share the templates you need to get started with setting up personas, goals, and engagement values.

Save your spot here on Sitecore and join us live at 2pm on Thursday 7 May.


Kyle Cassidy — Head of UX & Insights, Dept

Kyle is the Head of UX and Insights at international digital agency Dept. With over a decade’s experience in user experience and CRO, Kyle is an expert at helping global brands to create digital experiences that their customers want and their businesses need.