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February 26th

McrFRED 79 Rich Higgins


For the next McrFRED, Rich Higgins will be talking about working with the JAMstack.

Rich Higgins – @richhiggins

Rich is a freelance web developer based in Manchester.

He has spent the last few years specialising in decoupled architectures and the JAMstack for clients including Co-op Digital, University of Bristol, Valtech North America and Content Design London.

McrFRED 79 Rich Higgins / JAMstack Show & Tell

JAMstack architectures have been gaining popularity of late and there’s an ever growing number of software and services out there to choose from.

It’d be interesting to share some JAMstack experiences and talk about the benefits and challenges of breaking free from the server. Rich will walk you through a project that’s been in production for a few months and runs a core stack of GatsbyJS, Contentful & Algolia.

If you’ve got a JAMstack build you can share feel free to bring along your laptop and give a quick tour.

Please arrive earlier rather than later. This talk is due to start at 6:30pm and will last around 30-45 minutes, with times for questions and socialising afterwards.


Refreshments will be provided.