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January 20

Insights into Clojure and software craftsmanship


Dept are happy to host the Lambda Lounge meetup at our Manchester office on 20 January 2020. Hear from experts sharing their knowledge and network with the community over food and refreshments.

Talk description:

This month at the Lambda Lounge Meetup, Codurance co-founder Mashooq Badar talks about Clojure and software craftsmanship:

“Programming in Clojure is an absolute joy! I will take you through a few features of the language that make it my favourite. The talk will be a series of live demos showcasing these features.”

About Mashooq:

During his diverse career, he has succeeded in invigorating large ailing software projects as well as creating highly effective software teams and departments. His broad and deep technical knowledge, organisational skills, craft focus, and empathy to people involved have been integral to his success. He prides himself at being a hands-on software developer and believes that software development skills are very hard to learn and the best way to maintain them is to apply them.

Venue: Dept, 9th Floor, Bridgewater House, 58-60 Whitworth Street, Manchester, M1 6LT

Date: Monday 20th January 2020

Time: 19:00 – 21:00

Food and Refreshments