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July 15, 2021

How to use a headless CMS to achieve high scalability


Speed and scalability are critical to digital success and are often key drivers of the decision to implement a headless technology stack. But not every company that has implemented a headless stack is maximising its capabilities to their full potential.

During this Dept Talks Live, Dept’s Principal Technology Consultant, Jonathan Whiteside, and Thomas Clayson, Principal Solutions Engineer at Contentful will share how to use modern technologies and techniques to establish highly scalable and reliable sites and apps.

Covering everything from Jamstack to static site generators and multi-space set ups, you will learn how to maximise scalability and performance of headless marketing technology stacks to deliver the digital experiences that businesses need and customers want.

Join us on Thursday 15th July from 12:00 – 12:45 BST


Jonathan Whiteside

Jonathan Whiteside has twenty years of technical web development experience. As Dept’s Principal Technology Consultant, Jonathan focuses on helping organisations become more efficient and effective by using digital technologies.


Thomas Clayson

Thomas Clayson is a solutions engineer at Contentful and is tasked with architecting strong technical solutions for Contentful’s biggest future customers. He was previously a developer and now enjoys taking the best headless CMS platform to market and working with customers at all scales.

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