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B2B Commerce: How to accelerate your D2C plans


The Covid-19 pandemic has thrown global industry into a state of flux. Business models are being revised, as manufacturers and B2B businesses adapt to the current reality and seek new revenue streams.

The disruptive effects of Covid-19 are accelerations of existing trends such as the shift towards e-commerce and the need for digitising processes to streamline business operations. It’s likely that launching a direct to consumer (D2C) model was already on your long-term roadmap, but now it’s time to expedite those plans to ensure your business is maximising as many revenue streams as possible.

The process of building a commerce offering can seem like new ground to many B2B CEOs. Understanding the array of software options on the market, learning new phrases like ‘headless commerce’, being able to distinguish between a CMS and a DXP. These surface-level barriers can scare some away, but by digging a little deeper, every company head will find themselves in familiar territory.

At its very core, digital transformation is about making your company’s assets go further. Can the innovative thinking of the leadership team be implemented quicker? Can insights gathered from customer data be applied to other areas of the business? Can consumers be given an easier path to purchase? Digital transformation magnifies strengths by focusing on scalable improvements.

In this Dept talk, Jonathan Whiteside, Dept’s Principal Technology Consultant, will share advice on how to launch low risk efforts by effectively utilising digital technology. From easing the burden on your existing customer services team, through to enabling self service, Jonathan will guide you on how to prepare a roadmap for rapid execution of your D2C plans. He will help you to assess your current tech stack, to see where synergies lie and where add-ons can be applied to help you access new channels and markets quickly and effectively.

Join us on Thursday 16 July at 11am (BST), 12pm (CET), 6am (ET), live on YouTube.


Jonathan Whiteside

Jonathan Whiteside has twenty years of technical web development experience. As Dept’s principal technology expert, Jonathan focuses on helping organisations become more efficient and effective by using digital technologies.



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