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Dept Talks Live x disguise x Byte

The CMOs guide to the Metaverse


Imagine a day in the metaverse, where zoom calls are an extension of reality, clothes model themselves, your car defies gravity, and you visit the moon, the Himalayas and the Amazon without having to fly anywhere. You are guided by a metahuman throughout.

Join us on July 8th for an exclusive event where anything is possible. Immerse yourself in the world of XR (Extended Reality) as we share the best kept secrets to build amazing brand experiences online and in real life. We will take you through a unique journey surrounded by breathtaking real-life examples that will illustrate how the Metaverse can transform the way you play, shop, interact with people remotely, and consume media. An expert panel made up of creative dreamers, brands and technology leaders will dive into the future and explore how this technology unlocks new business value, engaging consumers on a whole new level. See you in the Metaverse!

During this event you will:
  • Explore ways in which your brand can begin creating innovative Extended Reality (XR) experiences
  • Learn the possibilities of hosting out of this world hybrid events to create impact
  • Dive into the world of virtual stores and fashion
  • Understand the power of enhanced product launches
  • Discover a whole new social world

Brought to you in partnership with disguise. Learn more about disguise.

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15:00 BST // 16:00 CEST // 10:00 ET



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