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Dept Talks Live

Transitioning to the new normal


Erwin and Rens have realised that the lion-share of their time over the last few weeks have been spent coping with the situation and responding to everything happening around us. The COVID-19 crisis came fast and took no hostages. Organisations had no time to prepare, and we’ve all been in rescue-mode ever since. It’s time for a change. It’s no longer about recovering; it’s about being agile enough to adapt to this ever-changing and new reality. From small businesses to enterprises, we’re all in the same boat and must act now. This talk will make you aware of your current choices and guide you toward focusing on what matters most.

During this Dept Talks Live, Rens Verweij, Head of Strategy Brand & Advertising and Erwin Bossers, Strategy Director Digital Marketing at Dept, share their thoughts in uncovering opportunities to help organisations adapt and (consequently) come out of this fight as a winner.

Tune in live on YouTube on Thursday 7 May from 13:00 – 14:00 BST.


Erwin Bossers — Strategy Director Digital Marketing, Dept

With a borderline-naive positive attitude and a background in performance marketing, he has helped companies, both local and international, grow in their respective field over the last 15 years. Being able to translate the digital landscape into digestible to-do’s, he will help navigate your company through this storm with a no-nonsense approach.


Valentijn Spek — Strategy Lead, Dept

Valentijn has been a strategy lead at Dept Agency for two years now. He is an experienced strategist with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing, advertising and media industry. His roots, however, are firmly planted in the digital world. Starting at the turn of the millennium (yes that’s rights, that long ago) building apps and widgets and riding the first bubble till it burst. He loves inspiring and helping his team members. He is also known to be able to steer every conversation towards football in three minutes. But, most of all, he’s the proud father of three boys. Who, in turn, love that he works for Nerf.

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